Mystery Solved

Our mystery object - did you guess what it was?

Yes, our first mystery item is an EGG GRADER!

Weight and size could be judged in an easy manner before eggs were taken off to market. Did you solve the mystery?  Just for the record, in our 2009 competition a student from Berowra Public School submitted the first correct answer to be drawn and won the prize.  St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School was the lucky winner of the school prize

Having a few hens to provide eggs for the table was part of life in Berowra and the surrounding areas from settlement days onwards, with some people later becoming involved in poultry farming.

Have you ever kept hens or geese?

As you may have noticed the egg grader is from the collection of Harold and Isobel Harrison. They continue to raise hens, ducks and geese.

The window display at Berowra's Bendigo Bank

A few window gazers! These are the owners of the item, Harold and Isobel

There were many other interesting objects and documents in our display some of which are shown above. You may like to take a closer look.  We will have more to share with you about this exhibition and about poultry farming in Berowra later and, of course, regular Monthly Mysteries to puzzle over.


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