Berowra’s Open Air Pictures

The Open Air Pictures: Photo taken by George Thompson with a Kodak Box Brownie Camera. Click to enlarge

This photo shows Berowra residents set to enjoy a film at the Open air Pictures which operated for about 3-4 years around 1950.

Located in Alan Road approximately where the Uniting Church carpark is now, the theatre was officially opened by the NSW politician Clive Evatt in 1951.

An early projectionist Eric Frost recalls collecting the film reels from the film company in Sydney each Friday for the weekend screening and then returning them on the following Monday.

After a time the pictures moved indoors to Mrs Fisher’s Kindergarten close by.

Do you know anyone who attended the open air pictures in Berowra? Have you got any stories to share about it? Do you know any of the people in this photo? Let us know!


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3 thoughts on “Berowra’s Open Air Pictures

  1. adelebright (Woodroff) says:

    I remember going to this with my parents Harry & Lurline Woodroffe and three brothers Terry, Richard & Christoffer. Adele

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