Mystery Solved – December

It’s that time – time to reveal what the Monthly Mystery was! Were you able to guess?

Our mystery object - did you guess what it was?

This month our mystery object was – A SOCK DARNER!

Today we might take the humble sock for granted, but they are actually very important, and were probably one of the first articles of clothing humans wore! They protect an important part of our body, our feet, providing warmth, protection and helping to draw sweat away from the feet, preventing fungal infections. In fact, socks are so important that in times of war there were appeals for people to knit socks for soldiers.

Socks were also far too valuable to simply throw out when they developed a hole. Unlike today, when we simply throw out items which are too old or a little worn, people living in the early and mid 20th century far preferred to ‘mend and make do’. After all, commercially made socks were expensive and knitting a new pair was far more time consuming than simply mending the holes in the old ones. After all, socks were knitted on fine needles with fine wool, and took a long time to make. Instead, people mended their socks very carefully, often using a tool like our mystery sock darner. The sock darner would be used to ensure the mend was done neatly and that the sock was still comfortable to wear. Sock darners weren’t used only for sock mending though – they were also used to mend other clothing and homewears.

Remember to check back next month for a peek at our next Monthly Mystery!


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