Mystery Solved – January 2012

Did you guess our Mystery Object?

Did you solve the first mystery for 2012?  I heard that it was too easy for some of our senior residents!

Yes, it was a Meat Safe!  Your detective work might have led you to notice the two hooks on the little rectangular shaped box. The hook on the top of the safe allowed people to hang it outside in a cool and shady place to catch a helpful breeze. Perhaps it was put in a suitable tree. The hook on the door needed to be firmly fastened to keep the meat safe from unwelcome guests of the animal, bird, reptile or insect variety.

These safes and others like them were in use before the invention of ice chests and later refrigerators. In places, where electricity or ice was difficult to obtain, the meat safe was a very useful and long serving household item.

This meat safe is from the Harrison collection and was used locally by earlier generations of their family.

Have you or your family got any stories related to meat safes or early practices in food storage to share with us? We’d love to learn more.


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