The Berowra History Paintings by artist David Lever

Cumberoona Motors by David Lever

Over the last five decades Berowra artist David Lever has embarked on a fascinating journey to know the social, cultural and built environment history of Berowra. In 1995, after retiring from the workforce David took up painting under the master tuition of one of Australia’s leading artist’s Garry Shead. David’s abilities as an artist soon became apparent and before too long he produced with great ardency a series of paintings based on the history of Berowra.  David has vividly captured the essence and atmosphere of Berowra that prompts within the viewer the urge to look much deeper within each painting. The works have a slight cinematic feel that places the viewer within the imaginative field of the painting convincing in its unfolding narrative.

The painting shown here of Cumberoona Motors is now the site of the BP Garage in Berowra. David has set the scene in the mid ‘60s when the garage was owned by the Corrigan family. Seen in the background of this painting is one of Corrigan’s buses, the local bus company which serviced the entire Berowra community.  There was a small flat attached to the back of the garage which was called the Wombat Flat. Various family members lived there.

David is recording history that draws upon the way a community has interacted with the environment and how those places and sites he so finely depicts becomes part of Berowra’s Living and evolving History.

David Lever’s Berowra series of paintings will be released on this blog over the forthcoming period, so don’t miss the next instalment.

If you would like to see more works by David Lever, please visit his website.


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