New Year In Berowra

Each year on New Year’s Eve the spectacular display of fireworks flashing across the night skies throughout the globe brings the promise of a fresh beginning to the incoming year. For most, it’s a great relief to see the end of one year in the hope of brighter things to happen in the next.

The Pacific Highway - a popular vantage point

The Pacific Highway – a popular vantage point

Berowra Chinese Restaurant

Berowra Chinese Restaurant

Living in Berowra has its great advantages many of which have been conveyed in the Berowra Living History blogs over what is now last year, 2012 – the quietness, fresh mountain air, unique bushland setting in close proximity to Sydney and most important its sense of identity and community with many fascinating stories to tell. But really, Berowra on New Year’s Eve is not the most exciting destination. New Year’s Eve epitomises the hype of the city lights, partying, dancing, action, fun and outlandishness. But, what if one is seeking something a little more subdued; I suggest spending a New Year’s Eve in Berowra is not all that bad. I was ecstatic to see that the Berowra Chinese Restaurant, which opened in 1978, on New Year’s Eve was a packed house, with people enjoying exceptional food, good beverage and each other’s company – the atmosphere was truly uplifting. So instead of battling the near 1.5 million people that thronged the streets of Sydney, we opted for the calmness of Berowra. After all, you can hear the fireworks echo across and in some places in Berowra see the dazzling, colourful lights flicker across the sky.

New Year in the city - a hectic night.

New Year in the city – a hectic night.

A few city lights and fireworks

A few city lights and fireworks

An ideal lookout spot to delight in the New Year’s Eve fireworks is along the east side of the Pacific Highway, if not for the current privet overgrowth blocking the view. I do recall it once being a hot spot for many New Year’s Eve onlookers in days gone by. The distant mountain vistas from this vantage point set the atmosphere and mood anticipating the incoming year dreaming of good things to come. We would be very interested to know about your experience and stories of New Year’s Eve in Berowra.

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