Berowra Waters Road – Recreation and Repair

Berowra Waters RoadImage courtesy of Shirley Collins

Berowra Waters Road
Image courtesy of Shirley Collins

Berowra Waters Road, a narrow road which twists and turns as it proceeds down the hill, leads to the idyllic Berowra Waters, which has been a popular destination for tourists for many years. A newspaper report from the Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Sept 9, 1914) shows that in the month of August alone, the ferry carried “122 foot passengers, four cyclists, 117 two wheeled vehicles, eight four wheeled vehicles, and seven motor-cars”.

Meeting tourists and weekend visitors on Berowra Waters Road, many of whom are easily identified by their slow and cautious descent to the waters, is a common occurrence for Berowra residents. This is just one of the constants associated with the popular road though. Another is roadwork. Berowra Waters Road has a history of subsidence, rock falls and rutted, holey road surfaces beginning in the early 1900s, only a short time after the road was first constructed. In fact, in 1912 a visitor to the area by the name of John Dickson was so concerned by the state of the road that he wrote to the Cumberland Argus and Fruit Growers Advocate, saying “Is it too much to ask for two strong men to fix up the road down by the Berowra Creek? Fancy women carrying infants, and the road in such a state! The loose stones should be broken; and it is no use filling up with muck” (Jan 6, 1912)


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