Then And Now – The ‘Horse Paddock’

Recently, there has been quite a change going on in Berowra. The field in front of the local IGA shopping centre is no more. Instead there is a substantial hole in the ground!

The 'Horse Paddock' today

The ‘Horse Paddock’ today

In discussion of this exciting and slightly controversial change, the field in question has often been referred to as the ‘horse paddock’, which has been puzzling for many of Berowra’s newer residents. There has not been a horse residing in this paddock for many years.

Th 'Horse Paddocl' . . . complete with horse!Photo taken by S. Collins

Th ‘Horse Paddock’ . . . complete with horse!
Photo taken by S. Collins

Once however, not all that long ago, there was indeed a horse in residence, as the slide above shows. It was taken during the construction of the ‘IGA Shopping Centre’. Certainly, I remember this horse being a great attraction when I was taken shopping as a little girl, and probably a great bribe for my long suffering mother too!

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4 thoughts on “Then And Now – The ‘Horse Paddock’

  1. Kylie Snell nee Ellem says:

    It’s so sad to see the horse paddock disappear. I owned nugget – a bay (brown with black mane and tail) and shadow (a briwn horse with a big white blaze). They were kept in the paddock in this photo. I have extremely fond memories of my times in berowra and most relate to this little horse paddock. My friends and I used to set up jumps in the paddock and i have many photos of our antics. We also enjoyed riding around the streets and jumping over the trail gates to get into the fire trails in the area. When development started at the IGA site, we played man from snowy river and rode up and down the large piles of dirt or jumped over the ditches. I even remember a drunk driver crashing through the fence and into the paddock in the very early hours one morning. In the end the reason we were moved on before development really progressed started with someone complaining that one of the horses bit her daughter. The owners of the paddock didn’t want to be held liable so they asked us to leave. Such a shame that society has to move on:(

  2. Haydn says:

    I lived across the road from here in the eighties (24 Turner Road) and remember the night the old derelict house that used to be there burnt down.

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