Mystery Object – May

Clearly a whistle, but what was it used for?

Clearly a whistle, but what was it used for?

This item is not a toy whistle but attains a greater significance and versatility in both its function and purpose. On the one hand used as a warning signal in times of stress whilst on the other as a salutation for someone of high ranking importance, this whistle conveys the many stories of the past in which it once operated.

The item also comes with a unique provenance which once revealed will shed further light on the subject.

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5 thoughts on “Mystery Object – May

  1. Scott says:

    That is a trench whistle or policeman’s whistle with the lanyard attached. Are any markings visible upon the whistle?

    Was it the property of one of Berowra’s old soldiers I wonder?

  2. Interesting.I dug an identical whistle up from my property in Berowra.Maybe there was once a number of whistle blowers in Berowra.

  3. neil davis says:

    In my opinion the article. is a scout `s whistle and lanyard. which was part of the scout uniform, in past years. My son Mark has one identical to this , which was worn by me when i was in the ist hornsby troop. And both my sons used this same one. Also, this same whistle was worn by the late Bill Foster. he, being, one of the ist berowra boys to join the ist berowra troop. bill Foster, was my brother in law, and he gave me the whistle when i joined the scouts and so on.

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