Memories Of Horseplay In Berowra

This weeks Mystery Solved has been held over until next week, in order that we can bring our followers this wonderful Guest Post by Kylie Snell (nee Ellem). Check back next week to find out what the significance of the whistle might be.



My memories of having a horse in Berowra are beautiful ones. I spent so much time in the paddock and riding the beautiful trails of Berowra. Some things that come to mind are in these photos but there are so many more.

I had a border collie called Bonnie and she could often be seen following along behind Nugget through the streets. When she got tired, I would ride Nugget up to a wall or a rock and let her jump up onto the saddle in front of me.



I remember pulling up to the take away shop with friends. We would tie the horses up out the front, buy some hot chips and a drink and then hop back on and eat/drink as we rode.

Nugget got out of his paddock a couple of times but I remember one when he decided to head down Berowra Waters Gorge. I was terrified that he would be hit by a car but he came to his senses and turned around.

I remember getting off the school bus at the paddock, grabbing a lead rope out of the shed and jumping on bareback in my Asquith high school dress and riding home to my house in Nalya Rd to get him saddled up.

Before I got my licence, I would lug buckets from my house to the paddocks every afternoon to feed Nugget. I would like to apologise to all of those people whose front yards I churned up as I galloped past. People must have been so angry with us!!!!

As it was

As it was

My fondest memory was my last trail ride in Berowra before I leased Nugget out to someone in Mt Colah. It was early morning and I was riding on the trail from Joalah Cr to Berkeley Cl. It was really misty and I could see the dew glistening off the spiders webs. It was so quiet and I felt like I was the only person on earth.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Nugget anymore and I don’t even know if he is still alive. When I moved up to the Central Coast and was pregnant with my now 13 year old daughter, I leased him out to a lady who lives up here. She ended up disappearing with him and I haven’t seen him in about 10 years. He would be 30 now which is pretty old for a horse but I still hope that one day I will find out where he is.

Kylie Snell (nee Ellem)
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4 thoughts on “Memories Of Horseplay In Berowra

  1. Sandra Bryson says:

    Where was the top photo with the old car taken?

  2. There were a few horses over the years in that paddock. Michelle Webb owned one or 2 over the years in the early 80’s,

    I owned a horse which was kept down our back property in Arcadia Crescent. I had a few friends that also had horses back then.

    We would all go for long rides along the many tracks in Berowra, over the ferry to Dural or up along the old track to Asquith. We often met at the “horse paddock” in the photo above before we went for a ride. I loved those days.

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