The Biter Bit

Ever since I can remember, there have been rumours of sharks in Berowra Creek. Many scoff at such suggestions, but throughout the European history of Berowra, there have been several ‘eye-witness reports’ of shark sightings.

The following exciting account of a shark sighting was reported in The Register (Adelaide) on the 20th of June, 1922, just over 91 years ago today!

As I sat in the Giant’s Castle contemplating the beautiful water of Berowra Creek, just above Collingridge Point, I heard a stampede and scramble over the rocks and through the bush, and a large wallaby jumped into the creek with a splash that frightened the bream, and sent the wavelets splashing against my little boat, half drawn up on the sandy beach that fronts the cave. I had no time to reflect as to the happenings that caused a wallaby to take to the water, but soon realized the situation. He was followed by a fierce dingo, that was going to beat him in the swim for life, when, all of a sudden, the dingo disappeared beneath the water. By that time I was in my boat, and as I passed over the spot where the dingo had met with his master, streams of blood, mingling with the blue wavelets, came up from the deep. The wallaby was saved by the shark and soon reached the shore again. – Aloren, in The World News.

To view the original article, visit Trove.


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One thought on “The Biter Bit

  1. There is no doubt there were or are sharks in Berowra Creek.There is an Aboriginal engraving of a large shark near Sams Creek.

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