Sport In Berowra

Football was just one of the sports young Berowra men could pursue in the late 1940s and early 50s.
1947 Berowra Football Team_01a
Arnold Hamilton (on the LHS middle row in this photo) was 1 of 4 young men who went into boxing about that time. He was trained locally at a gym in Asquith. In the boxing ring he displayed prowess and gained a certain fame.
Arnold came up against Tony Madigan in the NSW State Amateur Boxing Championships. Madigan won the Championship in 1951 and went on to represent Australia at the Olympics.
During 1953 The Advocate followed Arnold’s progress reporting in “Round Up of Local Sports”  on October 16
..Fans who witnessed the fight were unanimous in their opinion that the fight was one of the best they had ever witnessed at the local stadium,or for that matter at any other stadium.
..The fight really had the fans in with excitement.They stood on their toes urging the local champion on…
I do not know when Arnold retired ….do you?
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