Berowra Salvation Army Hall

The Salvation Army Hall circa 1995

The Salvation Army Hall circa 1995

Berowra has many historic buildings, often overlooked by the community. Many are now private homes, and their history is all but forgotten. This week, I want to take a look at one of these buildings.

The building in the picture below is now a private residence, but in its heyday, it was a hive of activity.  In 1929 the land was donated by Doug Chappell of the local Tannery for use as a Presbyterian Church. After 1978, when the Methodists and Presbyterians amalgamated to become the Uniting Church, it was sold to the Salvation Army Church, one of the many religious communities which were active in the Berowra community. The Salvation Army Church in Berowra was established by Ted and Audrey Melville, as otherwise the nearest Salvation Army Citadel was in Hornsby. Many struggling Berowra families have fond memories of the “Op Shop” which they ran from the Church. While some of these religious groups are still going strong in Berowra, the Salvation Army Church was closed and the building  sold many years ago.

This week, Roy was going through the fridge and discovered a couple of scrappy bits of blue cheese lurking in an out of the way corner. He didn’t want to throw these bits of cheese away, but they were a bit old to just eat as is. He thought it would be the perfect time to try out an old fashioned Potted Cheese recipe. Potted Cheese is a traditional English recipe, and a great way of using up leftover cheese. Traditionally there is some sort of alcohol included in the recipe to help preserve the cheese, but you can leave it out if you prefer, or if you don’t want to keep the cheese for long. So this week, Roy Creates Potted Blue Cheese.  You Will Need: •Scraps of blue cheese •About half that quantity of butter, softened •	A teaspoon of Dijon mustard •	3 teaspoons of port •	Salt and pepper to taste. Method: •	Cut any ‘suspicious’ pieces off the cheese, including the rind or paper around the outside. •	Roughly chop the cheese and put into a food processor •	Add the butter, Dijon mustard, port, salt and pepper and process until you have a smooth paste •	Transfer the cheese mixture to a pot or bowl, cover and store in the fridge for at least 12 hours to mature.  •	Enjoy with bread or crackers

The Salvation Army Hall today

Melville Close, off Yallambee Road Road, Berowra commemorates these much loved local identities.

Melville Close today

Melville Close today

If you have information or images you can share, please let us know!


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2 thoughts on “Berowra Salvation Army Hall

  1. neil davis says:

    Remembering the presbyterian church .
    As a young boy and being C of E, I attended sunday school at St Marks. a,,fter some years there, lessons ceased because our teacher Mr Haselet , enlisted in the armed services as did our minister rev O`brian,owing to World War 2.
    At this point i went along with my friends ,the Doherty brothers , to the Presbyterian sunday school.
    we always turned up bare footed , no body worried about this, as times were very tough.
    the lessons were taught by Mr Smythe who was elderly, and a lay teacher who lived at Rickard road.
    I am not sure now ,but i think that there was a bell situated high up on the western end of the building,to signal the faithful, and some not so.( maybe another reader could remember about the possibility of a bell being there).
    I really dont remember a great deal about the lessons, but i do remember that the church had a large water tank, for drinking etc.
    It was in this tank that on some very hot summer days,a few of us local boys would climb up
    into it to cool of.
    We were too small to be able to reach the bottom with our feet . so we stacked a few big rocks into the tank so we could stand in the water,and have fun.
    In the years to come town water was connected.IIII
    I think the people that now own the old church, have done a wonderful job ,blending in the old with the new.

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