Bush Fire Season

Fire threat at Melvy's Wharf 1994

Fire threat at Melvy’s Wharf 1994

October and the beginning of the Bush Fire Season alerts us to our    readiness or otherwise to face the challenges that come with living on the edge of the bush.

We are taken back to the dangers and the brave and generous responses to the fires of 2002, 1994 and earlier.

These two vivid images from Jim Hatfield’s collection show Melvy’s Wharf on the Hawkesbury River in January, 1994. The first image shows the home under threat while the second image, below, shows the damage done.

Fire damage at Melvy's Wharf 1994

Fire damage at Melvy’s Wharf 1994

Our Berowra Rural Fire Service celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year!


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2 thoughts on “Bush Fire Season

  1. Justin Pigneguy says:

    These images bring back the memories of the January 1994 bushfires. Our property ‘Melvys Wharf’ lost 4 buildings, but were lucky not to lose the main house. Living in the Australian bush is a double edged sword, tranquil beauty one day then absolute terror the next. Mother Nature is boss and she’ll let you know about it!

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