Reflections: Berowra Waters

Langker reflections on Berowra Creek

The small exquisite oil painting by the artist Sir Erik Langker (1898-1982) Reflections, Berowra Waters depicts the creek from some time ago. Imbued with a soothing quietness, the work provides a welcome accompaniment for this time of year after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the festive season.

If this painting relates to another by Langker in the Art Gallery of New South Wales collection with a similar title River Reflections and assuming the work was purchased by the AGNSW the same year it was painted in 1948, Reflections, Berowra Waters could also be dated to this period.

Erik Langker was an accomplished and influential artist within the Sydney art establishment during the mid part of the twentieth century. Amongst many roles he played, Langker served as the President of the Trustees at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Subsequently, in 1968 Langker was awarded a knighthood for his outstanding services to the arts. In an article published in the North Shore Times, dated 3 December 1980, Langker felt himself to be a ‘middle period’ painter of the impressionist school.

Reflections, Berowra waters shows a view looking towards the direction of Brooklyn and with an unidentified house in the distant background the exact location is difficult to determine. It appears the artist has painted the work in the plein air tradition of working outdoors. The colours softly muted in brown and green tones contrasts beguilingly with the turquoise colour of the water in the foreground, encapsulates Berowra Waters in its timeless beauty.

Rhonda Davis


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2 thoughts on “Reflections: Berowra Waters

  1. I think this is a view from the Berowra side of the creek looking towards Dusthole Bay and Hewitts boat shed. What a tranquil scene

  2. neil Davis says:

    Yes Rhonda,the painting does make a very peaceful scene.
    I find that i must agree with maryjoe7David, and say that, in my opinion,the view is towards
    Hewitt`s boat shed.( don`t mean to rain on your parade.

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