Childhood Memories

Waiting Berowra (c.1959) by David Lever

Waiting Berowra (c.1959) by David Lever

Last week I had the privilege to view an exhibition of paintings by Berowra artist David Lever at Macquarie University Art Gallery.

The paintings brought to life some of the history of the people of Berowra and Sydney and the buildings and streets.

I was brought back to my childhood and memories flooded back as I gazed at Foster’s Store, Berowra railway station, and the old Berowra Tavern. I remember travelling with my family in our old 1926 Chevrolet en route from our home in Hornsby to the family orchard at Cowan. We always stopped at Foster’s Store to collect necessary supplies – groceries, milk, bread and farm implements etc. and probably a few packets of Log Cabin tobacco for my father’s pipe. I always gazed longingly at the wonderful display of dolls in the shop window. Inside the store there was an amazing variety of lamps, boots, tins of biscuits, shovels, and saws etc. —all important items for our working weekend at the citrus orchard at the end of Glendale Rd. The old Berowra Tavern also had, among other things, a display of dolls.

I have many happy memories of the many hours spent picking lemons, packing, turning the handle on the lemon grader, wonderful dinners, heaps of passionfruit and many walks amongst the beautiful wildflowers and fishing in Joe Crafts creek.

The paintings by David have recaptured many treasured moments.

Isobel Harrison

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