Berowra’s Version Of The Tardis!


This photo, by local resident S. Collins, is a photo which I couldn’t resist sharing with our readers, particularly our younger audience. It comes from a slide, and shows the Police Post which once proudly stood outside Berowra Railway Station. It may not be as glamorous as the Police Box used by Dr Who as his Tardis, but it is a wonderful glimpse into Berowra’s past.

This small building is something of an enigma – although we have two great shots of the building (courtesy of our intrepid photographer S. Collins) we do not have many recollections which relate to it. If you have a story to share about this little building, or any other aspect of Berowra’s history, leave us a comment.

Perhaps you even know why it appears slightly scorched in this photo!


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One thought on “Berowra’s Version Of The Tardis!

  1. Haydn says:

    Thankyou for posting this. Cant wait to show my kids as I dont think they quite believed me when I told them there used to be a Tardis at the station!

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