Berowra At War In World War One – New Exhibition!

Today, as we approach the centenary of the start of World War One, it is only fitting to launch a new exhibition honouring the story of Berowra during what was once known as The Great War. Berowra and district contributed to the war effort in many ways, not only on the home front, but of course with local men leaving for foreign theatres of war. Several of these men would not return home.

In our new exhibition some of the stories of this period are told. Included is an Honour Roll sharing a little about the men who went off to serve. Many of these men had strong connection to Berowra during the war, but others were from a little further afield in Mount Kuringai. Others still remain something of a mystery and we welcome community input into their identities and how they were connected to Berowra during this period (if at all, we surmise that some may be later residents who were acknowledged, but not connected to the area during the period between 1914 to 1918).

So on this special day, spare a thought for Berowra’s ANZACs and visit Berowra At War.

World war one

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