An Historic Bridge ‘Link’ Worth Celebrating

Photo courtesy of The Past Present (

Photo courtesy of The Past Present (

This weekend events are being held at Brooklyn and Dangar Island to mark the anniversary of the opening of the first Hawkesbury River Bridge 125 years ago on May 1st 1889.

The following extracts are from the souvenir programme The Opening of the Hawkesbury River Bridge 1st May 1889 produced by the NSW Government Printer.

. . . it was announced that the 1st of May 1889 would see the bridge publicly opened for traffic,and continuous railway communications afforded between the 4 principal and progressive cities of the Australian continent . . . and in the words of our writers, the iron way shall ‘bind us closer,bind us ever’.
It was felt that the opening of the bridge surrounded as it was with so much that was noteworthy and important,should not be passed over without a demonstration worthy of the occasion. The government took the matter in hand ,and representative men of all colonies were invited to attend the celebration,which took place on the Hawkesbury on the date already named . . .
The day was one of autumnal splendour . . . the people of the Northern and Southern Districts meeting at the bridge . . .
His exellency the Governor, Lord Carrington,P.C. briefley and impressively ‘declared the bridge open for public traffic’. The National Anthem being played to complete the opening ceremony . . .

Extracts above quoted from a printed account of the Official Opening Day and are courtesy of Library of Victoria


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