In Their Own Words – An Old Vintage Car Comes To Light

Old Car 1

In one of my local rambles (or should I say “bush bashes”) off the Fire Trail at the end of Turner Rd, I made a surprising discovery. I stumbled across a rusted out, very old, possibly vintage car belonging to the 1930s period. Only the shell remained, the wheels and motor had long since parted company. This “rust bucket” was firmly wedged in amongst sandstone outcrops. A number of tall trees and shrubs were blocking the car in its final resting place, ensuring it was going nowhere! Indications are that it had been there for some considerable time possibly well over 30 years.

Old rusted car

All sorts of questions flooded my mind:

  • Did a local Berowra resident once own this car? If so who was it?
  • How long had it been lying there in state….20, 30, 40 years?
  • What make of car is it? (it has been suggested that it could be a Hillman Minx 1938.)

Are there any local “old timers” or expert “rev heads” who might recognise this car from the photos?

Ros Mort

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