November Mystery Solved

Shirley's images 07d

Our thanks to Pat McCready (nee Ewings) and Shirley Collins for the image above. It shows Pat Ewings aged 6 and her sister Jill aged 4 standing on the path to the Ferrykeeper’s Cottage at Berowra Waters in c. 1943. The girls’ father, Bill Ewings was a long serving Ferry Master.

And yes, they were the very welcome babies celebrated by our stork flag in our blog of 21 November. The flag was made by Nell Vivian and flown on the community flag pole near the then Vivian’s Boatshed.

There had not been a baby born to the Berowra Waters Community for 18 years till Pat was announced. Her celebration was to be followed by the flag with two stripes being raised for her younger sister, Jill’s arrival!


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