Sustainability In Berowra

Waste paper collection

In a time when recycle, reuse and respect is something of a catch phrase, many tend to think of sustainability as a new phenomenon. Yet as this excerpt from the local newspaper The Advocate, from April 10, 1940 shows, recycling is nothing new! During the Second World War, there were a variety of charitable drives to collect waste to use in supporting the war effort. Everything from paper to old rags was asked for, and according to newspapers of the time, Berowra residents enthusiastically took part.

Do you have memories of these drives? If so, we would love to hear from you!

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One thought on “Sustainability In Berowra

  1. Neil Davis says:

    I would like to add to your snippet re waste collection for the war effort in the 1940 s.

    Around this time I, and two of my friends Geoff, and Dennis Doherty were members of The 1st Hornsby boy scout troop.
    These collection days were organised, and the community asked to assist. The scouting movement was asking those boys who could, to participate .
    After X amount of hours spent on collection days, each scout would receive a badge, of which we were all very proud, to be worn on the scout uniform shirt. this badge was of red silk, with the letters N S, in gold, standing for national service.
    .On the days of the collections many of the community became involved along with a number
    of school children.
    A local man Erney Baker, used to come along with his lorry, an old Willys Knight . He would drive around Berowra with all of us young ones, going house to house, asking for items to help . We would collect car tyres, old copper boilers , scrap brass, bottles ,old car batteries ,
    news papers

    While writing this, my mind travels back to( old Berowra) the time when there were only 300 residents on the electoral roll. Most of us were a bit poor financially, but we were soooooo, patriotic.

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