Commemorating Berowra’s Great War Servicemen

Honour roll

This week, with ANZAC Day and the Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign nearly upon us, Berowra Living History wants to take the opportunity to commemorate the men of Berowra and district who bravely fought in the Great War, as it was then known. Many Berowra boys went bravely to serve in foreign theatres of war, including at Gallipoli where Richard Joseph Kelly, Herbert Francis Kennedy, Ernest Howard Jefferys, Victor Hubert Springhall, and Leslie James Talbot served.

Berowra was lucky as most of our men returned from their war service. However, like so many small communities, lives were lost. Perhaps most tragic is the story of William Milner Anderson who is not listed on the Berowra War Memorial as killed in action. Anderson joined up in 1915 and only returned to Australia in 1918 after his father appealed for him to be exempted from munitions work in England. By then he had been blinded in his right eye and wounded in the back with shrapnel. He did not live to see the Armistace, dying of his wounds in Berowra in April 1918.

Berowra Living History encourages our readers to visit the Berowra At War exhibition in our virtual museum and the Berowra Living History honour roll to find out more about the story of Berowra At War.


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