Then And Now – no 2 Berowra Waters Road


Bradley's shop with car + small boys

Image courtesy of Kath Baigent (formerly Bradley, nee Heaney)

This block was first built on, as a grocer’s shop by Mr and Mrs George Thirgood, in the 1940s. It was just around the corner from “The Cabaret”, which faced the Highway. The Thirgoods built only the right hand part of the building. Later on Kath and Albert Bradley took over, in the 1950s they added on the left hand shop to sell electrical goods. The two boys sitting in front of Albert’s van are Ted Bradley and his younger brother Tony. Sadly, in about 1954, Albert died suddenly. Kath kept the, now enlarged, grocery shop going with the help of her sister, Josie McDonald until the early 1980s when Judy and Winston Prior had it for a few years.


Image courtesy of Robyn Borkovic

Image courtesy of Robyn Borkovic

In 1985 Richard Dutton turned the premises into his Real Estate business which is now known as the “Professionals”.

Shirley Collins

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