Mystery Semi Solved

ada mystery Last week, Berowra Living History shared the beautiful image above with our online community. We were looking to find out who people identified Ada Richards as being, and this remains something of a mystery. Both N Saunders and Neil Davis identified the striking lady in the top row holding a guitar (seventh from the left, and fifth from the right), the lady who I also suspect to be the illusive Ada. Others have suggested the lady third from the left in the back row, or the lady behind the young man third from the left in the front. However, although we know she is featured, which of the many beautiful women shown above is Ada remains a mystery, with nobody able to positively and conclusively identify her in this particular image. Do you have information to share which will put this mystery to rest? Elissa

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Semi Solved

  1. nsaunders says:

    Aha, you are seeking reliable first-hand information. In the absence of that, something else which might help is facial recognition software. For example if you store photos in Google’s Picasa program, it will try to recognise and sort faces.

    There are also some online services; I tried one called PicTriev – The results are here: This software identifies our previous suspect from the back row as the same person in the first individual portrait.

    • Hi N Saunders,

      Thanks for helping to solve our mystery! I had tried one or two facial recognition programs, but they did not return conclusive results. It’s great to find you have had more success though, and I will be off to try a few photos of my own as well as the one featured in the post!

      Elissa (for the Berowra Living History team)

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