Berowra Netball Club Part 6 – Matches At Parramatta Girls’ Home

Berowra Netball Club Badge

A certain group of Berowra girls decided at a very early age to stay on the straight and narrow after their experience of playing “Basketball” in gaol. Well behaved girls from the girls’ home were included in a team which was in the night competition draw. All games were played within the confines of the “prison”. The team was not always constant as the members were changed around owing to disciplinary measures.

The Berowra girls were very well behaved on their visit to the home….We were too nervous to be anything else. The sounds of the huge doors clanging behind them and the keys and chains rattling, and the warnings given by the escorting “wardens” really put the wind up even the most spirited of the Berowra girls.

After the game the visiting team was escorted to supper which was prepared by the inmates.

Thanks to Jenny Bentley for access to records, photos, memorabilia and display items from Berowra Netball Club. Thank you also to the members of the first two Berowra Netball teams for their memories drawn from their club’s 50th anniversary (2010) display items and quoted above.


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