Who Last Saw Poppy


In this 1891 Government printing Office map of the Village of Berowra the trig station  ‘Poppy’ is clearly noted and visible by the triangular mark just above the village boundary line.

Trig(Trigonometrical) Stations were established on prominent locations where they were very visible. They are part of a network that was vital to accurate land surveying and mapping.

‘Poppy’ was the Berowra Trig and located near the corner of Hillcrest Road and Berowra Waters Road. A farm owned by the Stewart family occupied the surrounding land before the Berowra Public School re located there in the 1950’s.

Berowralivinghistory has been told students can remember the trig, in that corner of the schoolyard and having lessons related to it. There is now a school hall covering the actual site of  trig “Poppy’ and it is recorded as destroyed. It was replaced by Berowra Res which sits atop the water resevoir on Berowra Waters Road.

We have been unsuccessful in obtaining any photos of ‘Poppy’ to date. Maybe older school records will reveal something soon. Can you help? Does your family have a photo that includes ‘Poppy’?


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