Millicent Trig, Cowan, The Wider Berowra Area

In answer to the October 2 blog regarding the Trig “Poppy” at Berowra: I have not seen “Poppy” but I have seen “Millicent

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Back in July last year, Robyn and I set off in an area north of Cowan to search for the elusive trig station Millicent. We headed in what we thought was the general direction but after a fruitless search and ending up back where we started from, we decided to call it a day.

In August last year I set off from the eastern side of the Pacific Highway, 1 km north of Cowan to search again for Millicent. I carried a topographical map, a Google map but no GPS. The aim was to “follow my nose”…not always reliable!

After climbing a steep track up a hill I veered into the scrub on the right and did some serious bush bashing. Prickly hakeas, banksias, acacias, mountain devils, persoonias, red and yellow bloodwoods, scribbly gum and stringybark all attempted to block my path. The bush was alive with wildflowers in bloom with the yellow pea flowers dominating.

Suddenly the black mast & vanes loomed into view still partly shielded by foliage. What an exciting moment! The next hour was spent exploring around the site. The original stone cairn 1883 at a height of 230 metres, had been replaced in 1974 by a pedestal and mast and vanes. Remnants of the original trig, the stone cairn, mast and vanes were scattered around the site and the State Survey Marker # 262 was clearly visible.

Millicent trig was one of the last stations to be constructed in Sydney’s north (June 1883). Today, trig stations remain as an important reminder of our history in establishing accurate land surveying and mapping.

Roslyn Mort (Berowra Heights)

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