Berowra Netball Club Part 9 – Remember When . . .


Below are the last of the reflections from Berowra Netball’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2010.You may like to bring the story further up to date!

After several years the council finally built the asphalt court, which remains today, above the Berowra oval. The Berowra club at this stage made representation to the Eastwood Ryde Association to have some “Home” competition matches played at Berowra. Several games were played on our court- however, after strong objections by visiting teams in relationship to the “Great” distance they had to travel, no further matches were scheduled for Berowra.



  • There was no three foot rule as it is now
  • Goal keepers and goal defences could not defend with their arms above their shoulders
  • We loathed wearing girdles (and only did so when the officials demanded same)
  • When games were played at Meadowbank
  • When games were played off The Comenarra Parkway
  • When boyfriends and male supporters questioned umpires decisions

Thanks to Jenny Bentley for access to records, photos, memorabilia and display items from Berowra Netball Club. Thanks also to the members of the first two Berowra Netball teams for their memories drawn from their club’s 50th anniversary (2010) display items and quoted above.


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