Memories Of Ecumenical Christmas Eve Services


This week, with Christmas approaching, and the holiday season getting underway, it seemed the perfect time to share, and perhaps seek out, a special Christmas memory. When I was little, growing up in Berowra 20 to 30 years ago, I remember going every year to a Christmas Eve service. It was an ecumenical service, which, to the best of my memory, all of the local Churches participated in. I think perhaps the Baptist Church were ‘in charge’ so to speak, but the whole community was involved. In fact, I seem to remember that in hot weather, or rain, the service was held at the Community Centre, in the big auditorium. Of course, in Australia, that meant most years!

There were carols, and the Christmas story, and plenty of community spirit. I also seem to remember that at the end of the night, the children were reminded to go home and straight to bed – Santa would be coming. I for one tended to do just that! I’m sure this was a gift in itself to Berowra’s parents, who were no doubt by this time thinking of all the last minute preparations they needed to make, preferably without children underfoot.

Does anybody else remember these services, and are there any photos out there which we could share with the community?


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