Remember The Earlier Berowra Village Shopping Centre

Recently we gained copies of the accomanying two photos so it seemed appropriate to recall more about the  Berowra Village Centre (the original name).
After canvassing a few sources I have learnt that the Centre was opened in 1970.It was built on land in Turner Road that was formerly two farms owned by the Hazlett and the Lailey families, we believe.
So far I do not have a definite list of the original businesses in the centre.

However by February 1972,an advertisement by the Centre including – ‘Now Open Thursday Night’ carried details from Sally’s Gifts and Toys,  The Village FRUIT BAR,  Colorsound’s Village Music Centre Joy’s DraperyLuca’s Milk Bar, McKENNA CHEMIST, ROBERTA COIFFURES, SYDNEY THOMAS, and The Village Delicatessen and Cake Shop with Pleasant Surroundings -Ample Parking
Berowra 2

While talking about this centre a list of some 14 or so businesses emerged as having been part of the complex at some time during the 20 plus years it was open. Included were a Hardware, Butcher,Newsagent,Pizza, Jeweller and Bank plus St Vincent de Paul, Accountant and Doctor’s Practice.
Can you help name the original businesses or perhaps you have some photos or stories to share related to this local shopping centre?
The above images are courtesy of Hornsby Shire Historical Society.
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3 thoughts on “Remember The Earlier Berowra Village Shopping Centre

  1. Terry says:

    What about the TAB?

  2. Geoff Weller says:

    Those photos were taken quite some years after the opening of the Village Centre in 1970; I’d say mid to late 1970’s. The original buildings were not painted, and there was no guttering (in fact when the centre was built Turner Road was just a bitumen lane with dirt on either side and no guttering (except just along the centre itself). The telephone booth in the photos was also a much later edition. Although I’m not 100% sure, those photos look like they were taken after the expansion of the Permewan’s supermarket.

  3. Jamie H says:

    The photos are pretty recent, taken some time during or after 1998. The little green car is a Daihatsu Sirion, not sold until after that date. The newsagent is advertising “The Daily Telegraph”, which wasn’t called that until 1996. Telstra was Telecom before the mid-nineties. For a long time, the newsagent was located about where Cafe Laurella and the present newsagent sit today. It moved to the location on the corner of the building (as per the photos) some time after April 1996 (I know because I remember discussing the Port Arthur Massacre in the original store with the then owners of the business when it happened). I have no memory of the centre until the mid eighties, but the stores I do remember being there then were: a milk bar, a video rental shop (from about 1984 onward), a butcher, a green grocer (Joe’s), a small supermarket, a newsagent (Howard’s), a haberdasher, a chemist, a hardware store (Adrian’s), a deli, and a bank (if memory serves, it was an ANZ, and it was located where the newsagent is in the photos above). I also have vague memories of there being (at various times) a wine cellar, a patisserie, a hairdresser, and, later on, a succession of cafes. Sadly, I also remember being told by older family members that in the area depicted in the photos a small child was accidentally struck and killed by a vehicle sometime in the 70’s (or possibly early 80’s), after running out from the centre and between two parked cars onto the road.

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