Then And Now – Berowra Railway Station

Single Light Signal,1958

Berowra Railway Station which has been central to the development of our area has seen many changes. Thanks goes to long time Berowra resident, Jim Hatfield who took this shot with his box brownie in June, 1958. He was at Berowra looking along the track running towards Cowan. The little black and white photo is quite historic as it shows the very first single light signal to be put in place in NSW. Jim was part of the gang which put in signals from Asquith to Cowan in preparation for the electrification of the line. Electrification was achieved from Hornsby to Cowan in 1959 and from Cowan to Gosford in 1960. On the far right of the photo note the edge of the old steps to the platform.

Signal at Berowra, 2016

In our second image which I took on my tablet this week, in much the same location, you will be able to spot a number of changes and some aspects which remain constant. Compare the signals, the arched bridge now minus the old steps, additional train track, our lovely natural setting of sunlit rock face and bush vegetation and more.


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