Running Water On Berowra Creek

Boys in a Boat copy
This picturesque image . . . Cascade at Merriman’s Bay, Berowra Ck. NSW, c1880 – 1935 is a glass lantern slide, toned and 8.5×8.5cm
It  is part of the J H Harvey Collection at the State Library of Victoria.John Henry Harvey 1855-1938 was the photographer and captured other images on Berowra Creek and in several other Australian states.

The two boys in the row boat in the foreground could be posed just for the photo. What do you think? Or maybe you recognise them?                                     
Does anyone happen to know the location of  Merriman’s Bay Berowra Creek ?
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4 thoughts on “Running Water On Berowra Creek

  1. nsaunders says:

    I just started reading this document (PDF), which seems to be the diary of someone named Edgar Waite who stayed with the Crossland family in 1893. One section reads:

    “We passed successively Still Creek (left) Conley’s Sam’s Creek, (right) (Right)
    Merriman’s Bay (left) the Britannia Rocks soon after passing the latter”

    Now, Still Creek joins Berowra Creek at Crosslands, on the left. Looking at Google Maps there are then two creeks on the right: the first we call Calna Creek, the second is unnamed. And then there is a creek and small bay to the left, running down from Berrilee and joining Berowra Creek opposite Barnetts Lookout in Berowra Heights.

    So perhaps that is the location?

  2. nsaunders says:

    See also this web page which states:

    “According to local lore, Sams Creek was named after a fisherman who lived in a cave overlooking Halfmoon Bay. On the opposite, western, shore of Berowra Creek, just north of Sams Creek, is Merrymans Bay, named after lime burners and shingle splitters who used to sing at their work there.”

  3. nsaunders says:

    Can’t seem to leave this comment thread alone 🙂 Ever since I read this post, I’ve wanted to take a kayak up to Merriman’s Bay myself, just to confirm the location and see how it looks now. So today – I did! And here is a photo:

    It is from a different angle but I hope you can see by comparing the rocks that it is the same location as your image.

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