Berowra Mangroves Defeat Wild And Wooly Weather

Berowra hail 1

This photo was taken by Robyn and may, or may not, show the aftermath of the 2003 storm. The photo features in a past post, available here

This week, there has been quite a lot of discussion about the wild and wooly weather which hit Berowra over the past weekend. With heavy rain and strong winds, one of the big subjects is the damage the storm wreaked on gardens and the bush. Yet this storm is not the first severe weather event to hit Berowra.

In October 2003 Berowra was hit by a massive hailstorm which blanketed the yards of Berowra residents in white. In fact, it looked like it had snowed, as the photos above show! Of course, our gardens suffered then too. Spare a thought though for our beautiful creek, and the mangroves which are such an integral part of the landscape of Berowra Creek and Berowra Waters. Within three days of the storm Hornsby Council reported, in the Inaugural Annual Report of the Estuary Management Program (available online here), that large stands of the mangroves had been defoliated and many of the seedlings had been destroyed. This terrible storm and the after effects should serve to give hope to Berowra residents who despair for their gardens though – within the year extensive regrowth was observed in the mangroves and they continue to be an integral part of our Berowra landscape today.

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