Back To School

Year 4, 5 and 6 Berowra Public School, 1936

Years 4, 5 and 6 Berowra Public School, 1936   courtesy of Nathan Tilbury

Can you spot members of the Huett family and others you might know in this  early Berowra school photo?

Peter Huett returned to his primary school, now the Berowra District Hall, to celebrate his 90th birthday on Sunday, 5th June. Around that time the coast of NSW was being lashed with torrential rain and king tides. Berowra district was awash with some areas experiencing power blackouts.

As a schoolboy, Peter was never allowed to cite even hail or pouring rain as excuses for missing his lessons. At first walking from his home in Goodwyn Rd where he was born and then from 1935, from the family home at Berowra Waters, Peter, like many others, would arrive at school in sopping wet clothes.

Mr James, the headmaster would set a fire in the open fireplace and the children’s clothes would be dried in front of the fire in the drying room.


Many of Peter’s family and friends gathered to share such memories and to congratulate him on his 90th birthday. Above we see him with friends, Rhonda Davis from the Berowra Living History team and Neil Davis who like Peter, had come back to his old school.


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