Peter Remembers

Year 4, 5 and 6 Berowra Public School, 1936

In our previous blog we invited you to identify the Huett children and others you might know from the three senior classes at Berowra Public School, winter 1936.

Our thanks go to Peter Huett who introduces us to some of his family and schoolmates from 80 years ago.

In the back row left hand corner we meet ten-year-old Peter himself. He has his hands resting on the shoulders of his cousin, Paul Jones. The tallest girl in second back row you may have picked as another Huett youngster. Yes, this is Peter’s older sister, Laurie.

Sixth from the left in the back row with the fringe is Frank Frost. Turning to the second row from the back, standing next to Paul Jones, we have five girls –Ada Duffy is the girl with the plaits, then Betty Sicily, Laurie Huett (previously introduced) and on the end, Jean Chadwick.

Seated in the third row we meet the young student in glasses, Beryl Jackson, the girl in overcoat and gloves, shares the same first name, she is Beryl James, along the line, the smallest girl with the long plait and its big ribbon is her sister, Gwen James. Standing to the side of Gwen, we have young George Thompson.

Seated on the ground, on the left and partially obscured, is Ray Thompson, George’s elder brother, in front wearing a tie is Rod “Sandy” Holmes from the local dairy farm, the next boy is Keith Frost, cousin of Frank in the back row and Danny Fitzgerald proudly displays the slate, presenting  BEROWRA IV, V, VI  1936.

Lastly Peter introduces the next lads, Lenny Ethridge, Dave Cleland and just over his shoulder a bigger boy, Ray Fitzgerald, brother of Danny. Each child has a story to tell…

Today as we pass by the old Berowra school, Berowra District Hall, we can imagine it alive with these youngsters of the Depression Years and so many children throughout its history.


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