Young Adventurers

Scouts with their trek cart

Scouts With Their Trek Cart

There has been an enthusiastic response to the story of the 1921 scout camp. Thank you to David Lever for alerting us to the evocative image above.

We are very happy to share the image with permission from Scouts Victoria. It appears on their website at:

Do take a look!

Long time Berowra resident, Neil Davis remembers how as a youngster in the late thirties, he and his friends saw a gathering of scouts’ troops on the eastern side of Berowra Creek. Does anyone else remember this? Neil also recalls the scouting song which ends with: “and the trek cart kept rolling along.” He was a cub in the 1st Hornsby Pack and then a scout in the 1st Hornsby Troop.


Neil Davis in his cub's uniform, 1940

Neil in his cubs uniform, 1940

2016 marks the centenary of the Cubs Movement in NSW.  How many of you were or are part of the Scouts or Guides Movements?


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