George Thompson Turns 90

George 19yrs 01.jpg

The first person we interviewed for Berowra Living History was long time Berowra resident, George Thompson. He has recently celebrated his 90th birthday. George was born on 28th July, 1926. He came to Berowra with his family as a 6-year-old during the depression.

We would like to share with you just two aspects of George’s rich life. In August, 1944 he enlisted, he was just 18. This image of George in uniform was taken by a professional photographer in Sydney. George was 19 at the time and he gave this fine memento to his mother for her birthday.

During his war service years young George did very necessary electrical work on Catalina aircraft in Australia. He was discharged in March, 1946. George is currently the Patron of the Berowra RSL Sub-Branch.


Berowra football team, 1947.jpeg

Our second image is of the Berowra Football Team of 1947. It shows a laughing George in the front row on the far left. George has always been a keen and talented sportsman and has contributed much as a participant and a coach in many different sports including: swimming, football, lawn bowls, tennis and  table tennis. He very successfully coached his daughter’s netball team and the Berowra Women’s Lawn Bowls team. As a youngster he enjoyed horse riding and had fun playing cricket with the local boys and girls where they used pick handles as bats!

Thea & George.jpg

George and his wife, Thea have been much loved contributors to the Berowra community over many decades.



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5 thoughts on “George Thompson Turns 90

  1. maryjoe7 says:

    Is it correct that the football jerseys were yellow and the team was called The Daffodills?

  2. maryjoe7 says:

    Can anyone confirm that the football jerseys were yellow and the team was called The Daffodills?

    • Rhonda Andersen nee Thompson says:

      It is my understanding that they were blue and gold and they were called The Canaries I will check with my father and let you know

  3. neil davis says:

    Hi Maryjoe7
    As a member of the junior team back then,I can say truthfully, that our jerseys were yellow.
    No, we were not called The Daffodils. I am sure that not any Berowra bloke those days would not stand for that. I seem to remember George, or one of the old team members, saying we were called” The Canaries”. I am not sure about that. another thing is the pocket, or shield. I seem to remember a blue shield on the left chest with the letter B.
    I know that in the photo a shield cannot be seen ,but it is possible, that it was sewn on later.
    There is a difference of opinion between some of us old blokes, regarding this, and of course ,we all like to think that we are correct.
    I have a couple of other snaps of the teams, if you would like to see them any time.

  4. Helen Wood says:

    I know I am very late as unfortunately I don’t get to logon to this site very often, somehow life just gets in the way. However I would like to add my very belated congratulation to George Thompson on his 90th birthday, what a wonderful achievement. Looking at his photo in uniform it is just how I remember him, young and without the ravages of age and brings back so many memories. Although I didn’t know her very well Thea is much the same as I remember her but like all of us who are left the years have caught up. it’s the same with the photo of Jim Hatfield, seeing him I think of what was once the Berowra Younger Set and cycle racing both of which only lasted a few years. However if I were to see many of these people today I doubt I would not recognise many including Neil Davis but Merle is much the same as I recall her other than the fact we have all aged just little !!! I guess I am getting a little sentimental as in some ways I wish I could go back to our youth and the people I grew up around without losing all the good things those years have brought.
    Not coming from Berowra there are many names and face that are not familiar to me. However apart from those already mentioned I clearly remember Jeff and Snow Doherty, Cyril Richards from Mt Colah, Arnold Hamilton and his sisters Melva and Eileen and of course Fred Hatfield who I had a crush on for a little while!!!. There are also a few whose name escapes me at the moment but will come back after I finish writing this !!
    At 84 year the wrinkles and grey hair have not escaped me not that the colour of my hair bothers me but my wrinkles, well they are another matter to say nothing of my short term memory loss !!!
    One thing that strikes me are the folks who have remained for most of their lives in the Berowra area while others have moved far and wide and a great many are sadly no longer with us. I have the dream that one day we will all meet again and what stories we will have to tell and how many laughs there will be.
    It is wonderful that we are able to record our memories even if at time they may differ a little as life continues to race ahead. To the nay sayers and those who may criticise just remember that there are no right or wrong memories, they are simply ours and we are fortunate to still have them.
    Life along with science and technology is moving in directions we could never have imagined in our youth. I have long given up in trying to imagine what life will be like in just a few short years so it is important for each generation to record at least a little of their lives and community in which they live, so folks keep up your stories they are a part of our history. I remember as a child racing outside if an aircraft happened to fly over and yet within about 30 short years man had landed on the moon. It is for this very reason I try to encourage people to write their autobiography as everyone of us has a story that someone, someday will be interested in. I hate it when people say “There has been nothing interesting in my life” everyone’s life is interesting if only you could see it that way.
    Writing has long been my passion and I seem to have gotten off the track a little but to all those who take the time to record their memories and send photo’s etc. I say keep up the good work as it is the only way that those who come after you will know what life was like for you as most recorded history tends to be very impersonal except for the famous. When starting to write this I had no intention of saying anything but “Happy birthday George even if it is somewhat belated”.

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