A Surprise Gift Of A Lovely Local View

photo donation.jpg
This 51×75 cm framed, picturesque older photograph features a view down to part of Berowra Creek. It was donated to berowralivinghistory through the Berowra Lions Op Shop.  At this stage we have not had contact with the generous donor.
The question I have is where was the photo taken? If you recognise this photo spot do tell us please.
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4 thoughts on “A Surprise Gift Of A Lovely Local View

  1. nsaunders says:

    There’s only one section of Berowra Creek with that characteristic “S-bend”: the section just south of the marina at Berowra Waters. I’d say the photo was taken from somewhere near Barnetts Lookout, or on the Benowie Trail which goes from Barnetts down to Berowra Waters.

    I tried to capture a similar view using Google Maps:


    • neil davis says:

      In my opinion,` nsaunders` is correct. The point coming out on the right, is where Britannia Rock is situated. This was always a great spot to catch bream at night.

  2. Jamie Woodward says:

    Barnetts look out


    Jamie Woodward

    Northshore Electrical Solutions


    LIC : 231896C


  3. Adele says:

    I straight away thought it was taken from Barnetts lookout

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