The Lounge Cricketer


In Australia men’s and women’s cricket teams are starting up their international and inter-state match programme for our 2016-‘17 season, this cricket theme diorama takes us back to pre-TV days.

The Lounge Cricketer” was made by local artist, David Lever in 2014. He exhibited it in “History in Dioramas: David Lever” at Macquarie University in 2015.

The diorama is 11cms in width by 22cms in height and is expertly made from found pieces of such things as lino, copper, brass, bakelite and wood. Notice the miniature springs which are characteristic of some of the cartoons of Emile Mercier.

David has based his little sculpture or diorama on a cartoon drawn by Mercier (1901-1981) for the Sydney newspaper, the Daily Telegraph. Mercier is much appreciated as a cartoonist who captured and commented on many aspects of daily life within the style of his times.


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