Useful Christmas Work Indeed

Unemployed work Christmas copy.jpg

With Christmas approaching, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about gifts – who we will receive from, who we need to get gifts for and of course how expensive the holiday season is! For many of us, we little think about those less fortunate. Yet once Berowra played an important role in providing much needed work to the unemployed in the lead-up to Christmas!

The article above, from the Evening News of December 24, 1895 outlines the ‘useful Christmas work’ which was provided for about 400 men in need of a job. These men cleared a track for horsemen and pedestrians from Berowra Station to Cowan Creek. The track, which passed through Kuringai Chase, was ‘satisfactorily done’ so that those who were to visit the picturesque Berowra area over the holidays could ‘heartily appreciate the advantages of this clearing’. Even today, people wanting to walk from Berowra Station to Cowan Creek still appreciate these advantages, walking along much the same track! Useful Christmas work indeed!

Article retrieved from Trove

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