So Many Memories


In December, 2016 Berowra Living History was very happy to receive a call from John Pearson pictured above. John had found us through our blogs and

wanted to share memories of growing up in Berowra. He has also, after his family had “first pick”, generously given us early photos from his late mother, Joyce Pearson’s collection.

Pictured with John on the day we interviewed him is Shirley Collins.

Shirley had come forward and offered her stories and photos to us some years earlier. Shirley taught in Berowra Public School in both its locations and has a keen interest in her former pupils and in local history. She has often been part of the interviewing team and supported us in so many ways.

John lived in Berowra from 1947 when he started school at age four and a half till 1961 when he finished his apprenticeship. He was part of the first move from the original Berowra Public School site to its current one. John recalled how there were no removalists’ vans but twenty-seven kids pulling the poles of the loaded Summerhills’ dray.

John’s dad, Bill Pearson took over the Berowra Radio, Electrical and Hardware Store on the death its former owner. Bill had the first television in Berowra and set it up in his shop window in part of what we have known as the Professionals Real Estate Agency, on the corner of Berowra Waters Rd and the Pacific Highway. Many Berowraites gathered outside the window to marvel at this new invention, television!

Young John’s carefree days in Berowra meant plenty of time outdoors with friends in such places as one known to them as the “Starlight Room” and we currently call Barnetts Road Reserve and Lookout now part of the Berowra Valley National Park.

John Pearson would really like to reconnect with those he knew in Berowra and continue to share memories.


One thought on “So Many Memories

  1. Cat Sea says:

    The Pearson lived at 8 Rawson Rd Berowra, before we bought the house in 1970.

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