A New Year And A New Direction

Its Time!
berowralivinghistory is taking a new direction . . .
Keep your diaries clear for History Week, September 2-10, 2017. Exciting new plans are afoot!

This is our last blog for now, but the blog and museum sites will remain available. You can also continue to read our Blast from the Past each month in the Bush Tele magazine or at www.thebushtele.com.au
If you want to contact us, we welcome comments on the blog, or emails through our contact page. We can also still be contacted by phone on (02) 9456 4775. We welcome your calls!
See you All in September,

the berowralivinghistory team

2 thoughts on “A New Year And A New Direction

  1. John Withers says:

    Do I need to leave 2 to 10 September clear for a gathering of old residents ,to travel to Berowra or will it just be an Internet event
    E. John Withers

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