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Berowra Netball Club Part 6 – Matches At Parramatta Girls’ Home

Berowra Netball Club Badge

A certain group of Berowra girls decided at a very early age to stay on the straight and narrow after their experience of playing “Basketball” in gaol. Well behaved girls from the girls’ home were included in a team which was in the night competition draw. All games were played within the confines of the “prison”. The team was not always constant as the members were changed around owing to disciplinary measures.

The Berowra girls were very well behaved on their visit to the home….We were too nervous to be anything else. The sounds of the huge doors clanging behind them and the keys and chains rattling, and the warnings given by the escorting “wardens” really put the wind up even the most spirited of the Berowra girls.

After the game the visiting team was escorted to supper which was prepared by the inmates.

Thanks to Jenny Bentley for access to records, photos, memorabilia and display items from Berowra Netball Club. Thank you also to the members of the first two Berowra Netball teams for their memories drawn from their club’s 50th anniversary (2010) display items and quoted above.


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The Serenity Of The River

This photo from the State Library says it all.The seated man in the foreground with a boat down behind him adds a certain focus but the water dominates the scene and holds your attention fully.

Cowan Creek with man in foreground           Photograph courtesy of NSW State Library C1900

Cowan Creek with man in foreground Photograph courtesy of NSW State Library C1900

Do you know where this photo was taken? Share the information with us please

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A Classic Image

Why A Classic Image?

For us it’s one that encapsulates much of what our Berowra Living History blog site and virtual museum are about.

The photo was taken by Gabe Lomas on Day 2 of our 2007 Berowra Living History Exhibition in the Berowra District Hall which served as the first school built in Berowra.

Bill Foster, who along with many of his old friends attended this school in the first half of last century, is seen here communicating with a little school girl and her three schoolboy companions.

The painting the group is engaging with is of the Foster family’s general store, a vital hub for the community of its day. This painting is by local artist, David Lever.

Notice that at this point Bill is listening to the youngsters, his mouth is closed, his head inclined, his attention given to their enquires generated by the painting and his stories. Sharing of ideas, pride in one’s place and one’s story, respect, dignity and commitment to others, are all present.

Bill and others of our senior citizens have shared many of their Berowra stories through their visits to our local schools and through their recorded interviews and images which we can draw on for our blogs and the construction of our virtual museum. We thank them for their generosity and invite you to share your stories and images also.


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Monthly Mystery – May – Two Mysteries!


Can you guess what they are?

Have you solved any of our Monthly Mysteries? Were you disappointed that  you missed the opportunity to try one of our brain teasers in April?

Well, as you can see, this month we have two mysteries. Yes, they are connected. These domestic objects were lent to us from the Harrison collection and were on display in our first exhibition in 2007.

I’m sure they will be easy to identify for people of a certain generation. If you need some help maybe you can ask your parents or grandparents.

Leave a comment and let us know if you can solve the mysteries. Good luck!


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Mystery Solved – January 2012

Did you guess our Mystery Object?

Did you solve the first mystery for 2012?  I heard that it was too easy for some of our senior residents!

Yes, it was a Meat Safe!  Your detective work might have led you to notice the two hooks on the little rectangular shaped box. The hook on the top of the safe allowed people to hang it outside in a cool and shady place to catch a helpful breeze. Perhaps it was put in a suitable tree. The hook on the door needed to be firmly fastened to keep the meat safe from unwelcome guests of the animal, bird, reptile or insect variety.

These safes and others like them were in use before the invention of ice chests and later refrigerators. In places, where electricity or ice was difficult to obtain, the meat safe was a very useful and long serving household item.

This meat safe is from the Harrison collection and was used locally by earlier generations of their family.

Have you or your family got any stories related to meat safes or early practices in food storage to share with us? We’d love to learn more.


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