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Saluting Berowra At War


This week, with the world wide commemorations of the anniversary of the start of the First World War, Berowra Living History wanted to remind our readers of the role played by our Berowra Boys who went to war, and the wider Berowra community. Sixteen boys with known connections to Berowra went to serve during World War One, alongside seven boys from Mount Kuringai. Although the local war memorial lists many more names, their identities and connection to Berowra remain something of a mystery, for now at least.

Our boys were not the only ones contributing to the war effort though, with troops stationed locally to protect the vital transport link represented by the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge and local residents working tirelessly in fundraising efforts and even providing a haven for returned servicemen. The children also played a role in our war efforts, as the article above by Valerie Jameson demonstrates.

If you would like to learn more about Berowra at War, visit our exhibition.



Acknowledgement: The article used in this post is: The Childrens Way: While The War Drags On. Valerie Jameson. The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser, September 13, 1918. This article from TROVE is used courtesy of the National Library of Australia. To access the original visit:

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Valerie Jameson

Valerie Jameson

Valerie Jameson a former resident of Berowra in about the 1920’s is not well known today in our suburb.
According to National Archive Records Valerie wrote about 7 literary items such as “Peter’s Nationality” and composed about 12 musical pieces including “The Magpie Warbler”.

Many benefited from Valerie’s music such as  The Far West Children’s Cause and The Hornsby Hospital. Newspaper accounts indicate she held concerts near and far.

The front cover of “The Magpie Warbler” sheet music is pictured below along with an image of Valerie Jameson.

One of a set of four ‘Magpie Ballads’ by Valerie Jameson


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