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Have You Heard Of Fishermans Point?

Fisherman's Bend Hawkesbury River  Tyrrell collection   HSC L S Coll

This tranquil image titled ‘Fisherman’s Bend’ Hawkesbury River is from the original Tyrrell Collection (glass plate) and by Henry King 1880-1900. It certainly evokes a relaxed river lifestyle in the Australian bush.

..Fisherman’s Point, lies on the southwestern shore of the Hawkesbury River,immediately north of Bar Island,at the mouth of Berowra Creek.

Previously called Fisherman’s Bend, it was named Fisherman’s Point on an 1831 survey map which also records a 35 acre (14hectare) land grant to two businessmen  F J King and R W Robinson.

Since then,Fisherman’s Point has become a secluded residential and recreational area…

(Niall Clugston 2008 )

The above is Courtesy of Hornsby Shire Council Library Local Studies Collection.


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The World Might Not Be Your Oyster But Berowra Is

Image circa 1920-1930

Image circa 1920-1930

Today, many people know the Brooklyn area, and the Hawkesbury River as oyster farming areas and most realise that there is a long history behind the oyster leases, though today this history is under threat due to disease. Oysters remain a popular seafood though, and the oysters grown in the Hawkesbury area have long been known for their quality and flavour.

Most do not realise however that once, Berowra was also known for its oysters. People came from far and wide to collect the oysters growing wild in and around Berowra Creek and, of course, it was not long before people started to grow them commercially. There were several oyster leases being tended at Berowra Creek from the late 19th century well into the 20th century. The image above, of a Hawkesbury River oyster farmer and his oysters, gives an idea of the way oysters used to be farmed in the Hawkesbury/Berowra area.


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Then And Now – The ‘Horse Paddock’

Recently, there has been quite a change going on in Berowra. The field in front of the local IGA shopping centre is no more. Instead there is a substantial hole in the ground!

The 'Horse Paddock' today

The ‘Horse Paddock’ today

In discussion of this exciting and slightly controversial change, the field in question has often been referred to as the ‘horse paddock’, which has been puzzling for many of Berowra’s newer residents. There has not been a horse residing in this paddock for many years.

Th 'Horse Paddocl' . . . complete with horse!Photo taken by S. Collins

Th ‘Horse Paddock’ . . . complete with horse!
Photo taken by S. Collins

Once however, not all that long ago, there was indeed a horse in residence, as the slide above shows. It was taken during the construction of the ‘IGA Shopping Centre’. Certainly, I remember this horse being a great attraction when I was taken shopping as a little girl, and probably a great bribe for my long suffering mother too!

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Mystery Solved

Our mystery object - did you guess what it was?

Yes, our first mystery item is an EGG GRADER!

Weight and size could be judged in an easy manner before eggs were taken off to market. Did you solve the mystery?  Just for the record, in our 2009 competition a student from Berowra Public School submitted the first correct answer to be drawn and won the prize.  St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School was the lucky winner of the school prize

Having a few hens to provide eggs for the table was part of life in Berowra and the surrounding areas from settlement days onwards, with some people later becoming involved in poultry farming.

Have you ever kept hens or geese?

As you may have noticed the egg grader is from the collection of Harold and Isobel Harrison. They continue to raise hens, ducks and geese.

The window display at Berowra's Bendigo Bank

A few window gazers! These are the owners of the item, Harold and Isobel

There were many other interesting objects and documents in our display some of which are shown above. You may like to take a closer look.  We will have more to share with you about this exhibition and about poultry farming in Berowra later and, of course, regular Monthly Mysteries to puzzle over.


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Monthly Mystery

Yes, the time has come for you to take a look at our first Mystery Item.

Mystery Object

Here it is!  Does it look at all familiar? Have you seen it or something like it before, perhaps you have?

We have decided that our first Monthly Mystery blog will present you with a mystery and a little of our own story.

This object, some of you may remember, was on display in the window of Berowra’s Bendigo Bank during our 2009 Exhibition. It was of much interest to passersby and in particular to the children of our local primary schools who took up the challenge to identify it.  A number of the youngsters were successful, have a go yourself.  Send your ideas to us through the Leave A Comment section.  The mystery will be solved in a week’s time.  Enjoy your detective work!


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