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Providing News


2015-12-30 11.45.56 Berowra News Paper banner  Jan 1972  2

The above newspaper was first published in August 1971 by the Berowra Progress Association. It was a free 8 to 10 page (44 x 31cm) monthly publication and, as you can see, distributed to all local suburbs.

This paper carried local news, also adverts for local businesses, details of community activities, usually with a selection of related black & white photographs.     

One regular column was ROUNDABOUT – with Mary which reported on some of the activities of local residents. The following is from the p4 January 1972 column.

‘..Christmas parties are all behind us -the giant Christmas tree at the Crossroads and a visit from ‘Skippy’ to the Village Shopping Centre -a busy time and now many local families are enjoying their annual holidays. Most of the holiday makers headed for favourite haunts on the North Coast -South West Rocks, Lake Cathie etc..’

Who can recall the giant Christmas tree at the Crossroads? Do you have a photo to share please?

The ‘Skippy’ visit to Berowra features in the blog of January 16th 2015.

Do you know how long this Newspaper was published?

These days Berowra is quieter for the next few weeks while families go away for holidays.

berowralivinghistory acknowledges the donation of a number of copies of Berowra and District News  papers from Mary Budd.




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A Special Invitation – Do You Remember This Occasion And Were You There?


The above advertisement appeared in the November 1971 Berowra & District News. This newspaper was published by the Berowra Progress Association for a time in the 1970’s. It was distributed in Mt Kuringai, Berowra, Berowra Waters, Cowan, Brooklyn, Dangar Island.

‘SANTA’S VILLAGE CENTRE’ boasted of a wide selection from 20 shops

To encourage all local residents a FREE Bus Service was also advertised to operate from Brooklyn via Cowan to Berowra Village Centre on EACH Friday, between November 26th and December 24th 1971.

The morning trip left at 11am with the return journey departing the Village at 1:30pm.

A number of copies of the Berowra & District News  papers were generously donated to berowralivinghistory by Mary Budd at the time of our first exhibition in 2007.


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November Mystery 2014

Acknowledgement to come next week - we wouldn't want to spoil the mystery!

Acknowledgement to come next week – we wouldn’t want to spoil the mystery!

Yes, this flag or banner announces a birth!

It was flown on the community flag pole at Berowra Waters some decades ago.

Can you tell us more?

Whose birth is being announced? What is the special significance?

Why the two stripes in the top left hand section?

Have you seen or used similar banners in Australia or overseas? When travelling I saw a great one in Switzerland.


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September Mystery Solved

Yes, you are correct if you think that our September Mystery Object is a child’s school LUNCH BOX.

In the 1940s Berowra resident Joan Milne was given this little black lunch box when she started kindergarten. As you can see it was well looked after and sturdy enough to still be in good shape today.

It has a little brown leather strap handle and a metal clasp which still functions. Manufactured in wartime the little lunch box is practical, undecorated and made to last.

If you would like to find out more about this lunch box and others visit:

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September Mystery

september mystery 2

Do you know what this object is?

Do make an educated guess!

Thank you to Berowra resident, Joan Milne for donating her long treasured object to Berowra Living History and to Gabe Lomas for the images.

September mystery 1


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In Their Own Words – The Box Brownie

Neil Davis with his Brownie Box Camera from the fifties      Photo: Merle Davis

Neil Davis with his Brownie Box Camera from the fifties Photo: Merle Davis

Long term Berowra resident, Neil Davis has some first-hand experience to add to our two most recent blogs:

In the photo showing an early Berowra Waters Ferry, operated by Hornsby Council and driven by local man Mr. Bill Ewings I noticed that our attention is drawn to the shadow of the photographer on the shoreline, which is showing a typical stance used when photographing with a Brownie Box Camera. I happen to have one of these in my possession. It is equipped with a flash light, which can be easily attached when needed. I suppose, rather than describing the workings of this camera, it would be easier for one to look up . . . The Brownie Camera @ 100: A Celebration. This is a very informative site. But I must say that these old cameras . . . apart from being almost indestructible, were very easy to use, and being cheap, were very popular.

Neil Davis with his Brownie Box Camera and Flash     Photo: Merle Davis

Neil Davis with his Brownie Box Camera and Flash Photo: Merle Davis

These quaint old “Punts” as we called the Ferries then, did a sterling job over the years while only travelling at a slow, steady pace. I recall, about 1948, not long after the war, a few of us young blokes swam across the creek from the Rex Jones boatshed to the western side punt ramp. We would then wait for the punt to start back across the river, dive into the water and grab the rear loading ramp of the punt to get a tow back to the eastern side. When Bill Ewings found us clinging on, he quite rightly gave us a severe dressing down about the dangers we had ignored. Probably, this would shock some people today but these sorts of things were part of growing up in Berowra and The Waters. Just like Peter Huett, working on the punt gates, when he was only 10 years old.

Neil Davis

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Mystery Object – July 2014

P1150371 copy

This week, our mystery object is a little different to the norm. As I am sure you can all see, this is a vintage photo, probably from the Edwardian period, but the mystery has nothing to do with what the item is, but who the item features. This photo, and another three framed similarly were donated to the Lions Club Shop in Berowra, who contacted us and offered the photos to the Berowra Living History team. We do not know who the photos feature, or even whether they are connected to Berowra, and appeal to our community to solve our little mystery.

Regardless of whether these photos are connected to Berowra on a more intimate level, they reveal what people would have been wearing and how posed photographs would have been taken, and they are a wonderful donation to our collection.

If you know anything about this photo (others will be showcased in later posts), or even if they bring back memories of similar photos in your own story, please leave us a comment with your thoughts!


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In Their Own Words – An Old Vintage Car Comes To Light

Old Car 1

In one of my local rambles (or should I say “bush bashes”) off the Fire Trail at the end of Turner Rd, I made a surprising discovery. I stumbled across a rusted out, very old, possibly vintage car belonging to the 1930s period. Only the shell remained, the wheels and motor had long since parted company. This “rust bucket” was firmly wedged in amongst sandstone outcrops. A number of tall trees and shrubs were blocking the car in its final resting place, ensuring it was going nowhere! Indications are that it had been there for some considerable time possibly well over 30 years.

Old rusted car

All sorts of questions flooded my mind:

  • Did a local Berowra resident once own this car? If so who was it?
  • How long had it been lying there in state….20, 30, 40 years?
  • What make of car is it? (it has been suggested that it could be a Hillman Minx 1938.)

Are there any local “old timers” or expert “rev heads” who might recognise this car from the photos?

Ros Mort

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Mystery Solved

Congratulations to David Lever and Neil Davis and all of you who correctly identified our May mystery object!

It formed part of an insulator on a 33 volt power line on a pole in Crowley Rd, Berowra.

During a fierce electrical storm in approximately 2009 our object was struck by a bolt of lightning and shattered to pieces.

Alan Milne



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Mystery Item – May

This week, it is time for a mystery! This fascinating object is a ‘found object’, discovered in the Berowra district. As you can see, it is only a fragment of the whole, but the intriguing shape hints at the bigger picture. Can you guess what it was and what it was used for?

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