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Wartime Welding

During the war, men and women were eager to join up and serve their country. Whether they served overseas, or worked in the land army in Australia or even took on work in a protected industry, everybody did their part.

However, some were not happy playing what they felt was a backseat role. One such man, Peter Huett had no intention of allowing his employment in a protected industry to prevent him taking on a more active role in the Armed Services.

Photo courtesy of the Huett Family Collection

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A Memorable Fishing Trip

Fishing has been a popular recreational pursuit in Berowra for many years. There is even ample evidence that the area of Berowra Waters was used for catching fish and collecting oysters by the Aborigines, with midden deposits common and engravings of fish to be found by those who keep an eye out! In the days when Berowra Waters was a popular tourist area, fishing was one of the many activities which was catered for, with boats of people taken out to try their luck.

Peter Huett, who lived and worked on Berowra Waters recalls a character from Berowra’s past, and the memorable fishing trip he once treated his customers to:


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