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Berowra Public School 1929

Years  1, 2 and 3 at Berowra Public School, 1929

Years 1, 2 and 3 at Berowra Public School, 1929

Early February is a special time of the year as many children and teenagers around Australia adjust to the new school year. Some learn about the realities of “big school” for the first time…

We are especially grateful to Kath Baigent for this photo. Kath, who was born in 1921 came to Australia in 1928. Here she is as the little Kathleen Heaney wearing her pinafore, on the far right of the front row in her long treasured school photo.

You will notice that there are almost double the number of girls to boys in this composite group. It would appear to be later in the year than February!

Do you recognize any of the other youngsters, perhaps a Foster and a Huett boy?

Ann Lomas

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Centenary Celebrations – 1912 to 2012

Former students of the old Berowra Public School with family and friends.

Former students of the old Berowra Public School with family and friends.

A great time was had by all on Sunday, 9th December. We celebrated the centenary of what was initially the big classroom and headmaster’s office of the old Berowra Public School and later the main room of Berowra District Hall. We remembered  a hundred years of service to our community.

Merle  Davis is reunited with the Carroll brothers.

Merle Davis is reunited with the Carroll brothers.

This image captures the surprise reunion of Merle Davis with the Carroll brothers who as youngsters had been friends of Merle and Neil Davis’s children. The children had grown up together enjoying many adventures in the Berowra bush.

Joyous  re-connections, storytelling and much laughter epitomized the day.

Shirley Collins and Elaine Foster

Shirley Collins and Elaine Foster

Shirley Collins reminisced about her time as a teacher in the old school in the fifties and Elaine Foster remembered an earlier time when she was a Year Six pupil in our historic building.

A classroom from yesteryear.

A classroom from yesteryear.

The morning of Monday 10th December was for the children of Berowra. Over 400 youngsters walked to the old school and engaged with former students: Peter Huett, Jim Hatfield, Keith Holmes and Neil Davis as they told stories from their school days. These stories were further brought to life by visiting the classroom, seen above, where Elissa and Will, from the team, were on duty. Other learning opportunities were, trying out copperplate writing with former teacher, Shirley Collins or hands on discovery with all the old farm and household objects where Isobel Harrison was in charge.

The body of the hall held further fascinating displays to explore some representing the community groups that have been part of the long history of our District Hall.

Thank you again to all who contributed to the great centenary celebration, especially to The Lions Club of Berowra, without whom the exhibition would not have been possible.

Do visit our virtual museum :  Museum of Berowra for more!


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A Diary Claimer

Berowra Public School, Classes 4, 5 and 6, 1937

On Sunday, 9th December and Monday, 10th December you are invited to join us as we celebrate the centenary of the extensions to Berowra District Hall!

More details later! Mark your diary now!

You will be able to delve a little deeper into the history of our area and view an exhibition with images of early historical documents and pictures such as the one above. We will tell the story of the original Berowra School and of our much loved old school hall which since the mid-fifties has continued to serve the community in many different ways.

Perhaps you will meet senior residents who were in these classes of 1937.   The children of this era would grow up quickly and serve their country as youths in the Second World War.

If you cannot make it to the centenary celebrations at the corner of Crowley Rd and Berowra Waters Rd, Berowra on 9th or 10th December, do celebrate with us through our blog site. We have a lot more in  store for you.


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School Photo 1926

From the Bill Foster Photograph Collection

This attentive group of 37 Berowra Public School students, gathered under the trees in 1926,no doubt represented many of the families resident in Berowra at the time.
A rough list of names appears on the photograph border (possibly done by Bill Foster himself). Most of the surnames mentioned are well known in Berowra even today.

2012 marks the Centenary of the official opening of the large classroom extension to the original Berowra Public School Building (not shown in the above photograph) and is to be celebrated.

We are gathering information about Berowra Public School – Can you help? Do you know anyone in the photograph above?


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Upcoming Centenary

Berowra Public School, Class 1, 2 & 3, 1936

7th September, 2012 marks 100 years since the official opening of the large classroom extension to the original Berowra Public School building. This special old building housed generations of primary school children and teachers till the mid-50s, when finally all the classes were relocated to Hillcrest Rd.  Now known as Berowra District Hall and cared for by the Lions Club of Berowra, it continues to welcome a wide range of teachers and students – adults and children, group meetings, flower shows and plays and more.

Take a close look at this lovely school photo available courtesy of a senior interviewee. Do you recognise any of the youngsters? Ask your friends and family if they recognise particular children.

Are they 1936 school bags on the verandah? Who is that woman in the background near the car (?)? Is she an interested passerby or a parent perhaps?

We know that in those pre-war years the staff and senior boys at Berowra’s first school were, like many others, very resourceful! Did they themselves make the form on which the back row of boys is standing? Closer inspection of the rotated image may help you to read the brand name on the box used in the carpentry class work!

We’d love to hear from you and it would be great if you had more early school photos to share with us all.


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