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Cause For Celebration!

Cause For Celebration Indeed!

Cause For Celebration Indeed!

This week, Berowra Living History want to share some exciting news with our community. Recently, we were given the honour of being awarded the Owen Nannelli Memorial Award for 2013 by Hornsby Council. This award is for an outstanding contribution to the preservation and promotion of the history of the Berowra region and its people.

The team want to thank you, our community, our participants and our supporters for all that you have given and done for us. Your stories, photos, memorabilia and memories are the things which allow us to build the story of Berowra, and your time, support and friendship are invaluable.

Elissa, Rhonda, Robyn and Ann.

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Break Out The Champagne!

We’ve finally arrived! After several years in the wings, Berowra Living History has made its online debut.

The blog is, as we mention in ‘The Project’, just the beginning, but we are really excited to be here. From its inception in 2005 the project has gone through a variety of stages, from simply collecting material to fully mounted exhibitions. Each new development and stage has been an exciting progression in the project’s journey, bringing the residents together and creating a strong sense of community which has all too often been lost or forgotten in more urban environments.

This is perhaps the most exciting stage though, bringing the project to a whole new audience, as well as those who already know about us! We hope that, as with the other stages, we can create a sense of community and belonging for Berowra residents as well as those who just drop in for visit now and again.

We plan to post on a weekly basis, sharing our thoughts and ideas, as well as photographs, items and excerpts from our interviews with residents. Every fourth week we will share a ‘Mystery Item’ for you to puzzle over and comment on.

We look forward to getting to meet you all!

Ann, Elissa and Robyn